Traditional Thai warrior Massage

Thai warrior massage is an extension of Thai massage but with more health benefits. It is an adaptation of Wat Pho Warriors Massage, which mixes Rure-Sri-Tuat-Ton and Yoga. Thai warrior massage is based on the teachings of hermits or yogis. The warrior massage is intended to help warriors after battle.

Thai warrior massage helps restore soldiers’ bodies so they can become stronger and recover from fatigue more quickly. Pressing and stretching stimulate muscles and tendons as well as stretching the joints and their inner membranes. It helps the body to balance various systems to improve their function, clear the mind and also help the body become more flexible and energetic.


  • Fluent movement
  • Relaxed muscles that stretch more smoothly
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulated nervous system

Package Menu

We offer a fixed price depending on the length of the treatment.

60 minutes

800 Baht.

90 minutes

1,000 Baht.

120 minutes

1,400 Baht.

180 minutes

2,000 Baht.


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